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Herbal Conditioner

If you want soft, shiny, manageable hair, it all starts with finding the best conditioner for your hair. Juanderful Herbal Conditioner guaranteed to nourish, repair, soften and volumize even the neediest hair. This formula leaves your hair soft, shiny and bouncy by forming a protective later over the hair's cortex, sealing in moisture and eliminating tangles.

  • Paraben free.
  • 74% Organic and Vegan.
  • Suitable for ALL hair types.
  • No additives, or artificial colors.
  • Gentle for daily use.
  • Color-safe formula.
  • Mineral oil and petroleum free.
  • Try with Juanderful Herbal Shampoo and Vinegar Rinse.
  • $16.95
  • - $-16.95